Scientific Articles (ISI)

Alberto J.N., Ramalho J.C., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Viana A.P., Krohling C.A., Moiane S.S., Alberto Z., Rodrigues W.P., Partelli F.L. (2023)

Diversity in Coffea arabica cultivars in the Mountains of Gorongosa National Park – Mozambique regarding bean and leaf nutrient accumulation and physical fruit traits

Agronomy, 13, 1162. DOI:

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Big data help to define climate change challenges for the typical Mediterranean species Cistus ladanifer L.

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Modeling the role of ground-true riparian vegetation for providing regulating services in a Mediterranean watershed

International Soil and Water Conservation Research, 11(1): 159-168.. DOI:

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MTTfireCAL’ package for R – An innovative, comprehensive and fast procedure to calibrate the MTT fire spread modelling system

Fire 6(6), 219. 3.2. DOI:

Benali, A., Guiomar, N., Gonçalves, H., Mota, B., Silva, F., Fernandes, P.M., Mota, C., Penha, A., Santos, J., Pereira, J.M.C., and Sá, A.C.L. (2023)

The Portuguese Large Wildfire Spread Database (PT-FireSprd)

Earth System Science Data. 11.4. DOI:, 2023

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UV-B Reduction and Excess: Management Strategies Regarding Coffea sp. Crop.

Scientia Horticulturae, 323: 112499.. DOI:

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STEEP: A remotely-sensed energy balance model for evapotranspiration estimation in seasonally dry tropical forests

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology,333, 109408. DOI:

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Impact of Climate Changes in the Suitable Areas for Coffea arabica L. Production in Mozambique: Agroforestry as an Alternative Management System to Strengthen Crop Sustainability.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 346: 108341. DOI:

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The max-out min-in problem: a tool for data analysis

Computers and Operations Research, 154: 106218. DOI:

Colavolpe M.B., Dias F.V., Serrazina S., MalhĂł R., Costa R.L. (2023)

Castanea crenata Ginkbilobin-2-like recombinant protein reveals potential as an antimicrobial against Phytophthora cinnamomi, the causal agent of ink disease in European chestnut

Forests, 14(4): 785. DOI:

Costa J.M., Egipto R., Aguiar F.C., Marques P., Nogales A., Madeira M (2023)

The role of soil temperature in mediterranean vineyards in a climate change context.

Frontiers in Plant Science, 142023: 1145137.. DOI:

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Assessment of Physicochemical Parameters in two Winegrapes Varieties after Foliar Application of ZnSO4 and ZnO

Plants, 12: 1426. DOI:

De Luca, Giandomenico, Giuseppe Modica, João M. N. Silva, Salvatore Praticò, and José M.C. Pereira (2023)

Assessing tree crown fire damage integrating linear spectral mixture analysis and supervised machine learning on Sentinel-2 imagery

International Journal of Digital Earth. 5.1. DOI:

Donhouedé JCF, Marques I, Salako KV, Assogbadjo AE, Ribeiro N, Ribeiro-Barros AI (2023)

Genetic and morphological diversity in populations of Annona senegalensis Pers. occurring in Western (Benin) and Southern (Mozambique) Africa

PeerJ 11, e15767. DOI:

Donhouedé JCF, Marques I, Salako KV, Assogbadjo AE, Ribeiro-Barros AI, Ribeiro N (2023)

The relative role of soil, climate, and genotype in the variation in nutritional value of Annona senegalensis fruits and leaves DOI:

Frey, B., Moser, B., Tytgat, B., Zimmermann, S., Alberti, J., Biederman, L. A., Borer, E. T., Broadbent, A. A., Caldeira, M. C., Davies, K. F., Eisenhauer, N., Eskelinen, A., Fay, P. A., Hagedorn, F., Hautier, Y., MacDougall, A. S., McCulley, R. L., Moore, J. L., Nepel, M., . . . Risch, A. C. (2023)

Long-term N-addition alters the community structure of functionally important N-cycling soil microorganisms across global grasslands

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 176, 108887. DOI:

Laamari I, Marques I, Ribeiro-Barros AI, BĂ©jaoui Z, Abassi M (2023)

Can saline preconditioning enhance plant survival in degraded soils? Physiological, biochemical, and molecular responses in Casuarina glauca saplings.

Plant Ecology 224, 905–919 . DOI:

Lobo-do-Vale R., Rafael T., Haberstroh S., Werner C., Caldeira M.C. (2023)

Shrub invasion overrides the effect of imposed drought on the photosynthetic capacity and physiological responses of Mediterranean cork oak trees

Plants-Basel, 2(8): 1636. DOI:

Marques A.C., Lidon F.C., Coelho A.R.F., Pessoa C.C., Daccak D., Luís I.C., Simões M., Scotti-Campos P., Almeida A.S., Guerra M., Leitão R.G., Bagulho A., Moreira J., Pessoa M.F., Legoinha P., Ramalho J.C., Semedo J.M.N., Palha L., Silva C., Silva M.M., Oliveira K., Pais I.P., Reboredo F.H. (2023)

Elemental Composition and Implications on Brown Rice Flour Biofortified with Selenium

Plants, 12: 1611. DOI:

Marques I., Fernandes I., Paulo O.S., Batista D., Lidon F.C., Partelli F.L., DaMatta F.M., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Ramalho J.C. (2023)

Overexpression of Water-Responsive Genes Promoted by Elevated CO2 to Reduce ROS and Enhances Drought Tolerance in Coffea Species.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(4): 3210. DOI: