Education & Training

FCT Doctoral Programmes (3rd Cycle)

Sustainable Land Use

The Doctoral Cycle in SUSTAINABLE LAND USE aims to promote excellent and internationally competitive advanced training to create highly qualified professionals in agronomic, forestry and food sciences and engineering, biological sciences, environmental sciences and landscape architecture. It is intended that students acquire the ability to solve problems based on the scientific method and systemic and interdisciplinary approaches, promoting new methodologies, processes and products, framing activities within the needs of society and with a clear understanding of the nature and limits of the knowledge process and associated ethical premises.

FLUVIO – River Restoration and Management

FLUVIO aims the development and the application of scientific knowledge of environmental sciences, ecology, engineering and urbanism to management and restoration of the fluvial ecosystems, at different spatial scales, from the microhabitat to the river reaches and the drainage basin. Thus it aims to contribute to the sustainable development of human societies and the conservation of natural resources.

Master Programmes (2nd Cycle)

Forestry and Natural Resources Engineering

The main objective of the MSc course in Forest Engineering and Natural Resources is to train professionals with specialized knowledge to plan and manage forest and agroforestry ecosystems in a sustainable manner, fulfilling socio-economic and environmental objectives; manage adaptively, mitigating the effects of climate change (eg fire and drought); produce woody and non-woody forest products, including game and fish farming; ensure the conservation of forests and associated flora and fauna through sustainable use. Forest and Natural Resources Engineers are professionals who analyze, conceive, design, and guide the implementation of work for the multipurpose development of the forestry sector.”

MEDfOR – Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management

MEDfOR is a two-year world-class Erasmus Mundus Master Course Programme that answers a call for a coordinated approach throughout the Mediterranean basin to develop reliable information and tools – based on sound science and a multidisciplinary approach, in order to improve Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management and policy-making. The MEDfOR emphasis is on educating the leaders of the future generation of engineers, managers, researchers, and teachers involved in Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management. MEDfOR equips students with a solid scientific habilitation and the competences for careers in innovative fields of work within the Mediterranean forestry supply chain. It will both provide the basis needed for students to pursue academic opportunities (e.g. PhD program) and the qualifications needed to fill positions in all Mediterranean forestry supply chain segments (e.g. forestry and natural resources organizations, either public or private, either national or international).

Other courses / Training