Scientific Articles (ISI)

Alves-Ferreira J., Duarte L, Fernandez M.C., Pereira H., Cavalheiro F. (2023)

Cistus ladanifer as a potential feedstock for biorefineries: A review

Energies, 16(1): 391. DOI:

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Quality of bee pollen submitted to drying, pasteurization, and high-pressure processing – A comparative approach.

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Fruit-based fermented beverages: contamination sources and emerging technologies applied to assure their safety

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Valorization of pine nut industry residues on a biorefinery concept

Waste and Biomass Valorization. DOI:

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Drying of eucalyptus logs from plantations with different spacing between trees

BioResources, 18(1): 1177-1184. . URL:

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Tannin extracts as a preservative for pine thermo-mechanically densified wood

BioResources, 18(1): 641-652. DOI: URL:

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Influence of chemical composition on heating value of biomass: A review and bibliometric analysis

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D-lactic acid production from hydrothermally pretreated, alkali delignified and enzymatically saccharified rockrose with the metabolic engineered Escherichia coli strain JU15.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13: 12849-12958. DOI:

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Novel, edible melanin-protein-based bioactive films for cheeses: antimicrobial, mechanical and chemical characteristics

Foods, 12(9): 1806. DOI:

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Ellagic acid as stabilizer in the thermo-oxidative degradation of thermoplastic polyurethane

Polymer Degradation and Stability, 215: 110456. DOI:

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Digestate not only affects nutrient availability but also soil quality indicators

Agronomy, 13(5): 1308. DOI:

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Validation of the scale knowledge and perceptions about edible insects through structural equation modelling

Sustainability, 15(4): 2992. DOI:

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Physical properties and thermal conductivity of cork-based sandwich panels for building

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Properties of Pinus sp. pellets prepared after in-line pre-compaction with torrefaction

BioResources, 18(2):3440-3451. URL:

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Ring data provide management clues and pinpoint climate drivers of growth in two species of miombo trees (Brachystegia spiciformis, Julbernardia paniculata)

Dendrochronologia, 81: 126117. DOI:

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Cork cellular and chemical features underlying bark environmental protection in the Miombo species Parinari curatellifoila

Heliyon, 9 (10): e21135. DOI:

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Halotolerant endophytes promote grapevine regrowth after salt-induced defoliation

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Characterization of mineral composition and nutritional value of acacia green pods

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Cuticular waxes and cutin in Terminalia catappa leaves from the equatorial São Tomé and Príncipe islands

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Miniaturized solid phase extraction techniques applied to natural products

Processes, 11(1): 243. DOI: