Associate Laboratory TERRA

TERRA is an Associated Laboratory that tackles societal challenges and provides answers and advice to the public and private sectors by involving scientists, stakeholders and policymakers to co-create knowledge and build processes for natural resources management and their sustainable development.

TERRA brings together more than 450 researchers from five excellent and highly complementary research units at the Universities of Lisbon and Coimbra. The research units converge on a common theme: sustainability in land use.

TERRA has a broad remit, working on topics as diverse as genetics, fisheries, aquaculture, energy, food, agronomy, forestry, plant protection, soils, plant diseases, fruit growing, horticulture, environmental management, conservation, polar research, forensic anthropology, urban planning, migration, tourism, ecology, numerical modelling, human health, environmental risks, society, history, ecophysiology, ecotoxicology, animal production, circular economy and public policy analysis.

TERRA aims to support:

  • creating better management practices.
  • making political decisions for the sustainable use of land
  • researchers’ careers

Mission TERRA:

To present innovative scientific evidence in support of best management practices and political decision-making for the sustainable utilisation of land and the bio-circulation of derived products, while satisfying the needs of the human societies they support, and their development.

TERRA has five thematic lines: Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services, Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Product Processing and Circular Economy, Society and Environmental Health, and Socio-ecological Systems, Planning and Policies.