Requirements for applying to a Master Programme

  • Holders of a degree, or legal equivalent, obtained in ISA or other higher education institutions, in areas defined for each master;
  • Holders of an academic degree of foreign higher education conferred after a 1st cycle of studies in the areas of each master, organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this process;
  • Holders an academic degree of foreign higher education that is recognized as meeting the objectives of a 1st cycle of studies degree by ISA's Scientific Council;
  • Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the capability to carry out this cycle of studies by ISA's Scientific Council.

Students completing their undegraduate degree

    The 1st and 2nd calls of applications are opened to applicants who are expecting to obtain an undergraduate degree until the end of August. These applicants must have a minimum of 138 ECTS completed, at the time of the application, proven by:

ISA students:a PDF printout of the enrolment curriculum, from the personal area in the Fénix system, showing the course units completed (with the number of ECTS credits and grades)at the time. In addition, a signed Declaration under Oath attesting their undegraduate ECTS total at the time of application must be submitted;

students from other Schools: detailed official documentation, such as an official academic transcript with all the curricular units concluded, ECTS credits and grades, as well as, a signed Declaration under Oath attesting their undegraduate ECTS total at the time of application must be submitted.

the applicants must present, by the end of August, the undergraduate programme final certificate/diploma, without which they will lose the placement.

Application process

Applications for Masters in ISA are made online, through the portal:

Formal registration

The formalization of registration will begin on June 1st and will allow to reserve a place. After this formalization, students will receive a new email with all the information they need in order to enroll in curricular units in September.

Courses and application deadlines

March, 11 to April, 12 of 2024 (1st application)

June, 11 to July, 12 of 2024 (2nd application)

July, 22 to August, 16 of 2024 (3rd application)




Other Courses in Which ISA Participates Partnership Regime
Scientific Culture and Dissemination of Science Instituto de Educação Daytime

*The second semester takes place at the University of Évora (Évora and Sines), in an intensive regime organized in blocks of UC that will occupy 2 to 3 days a week during working hours, not requiring a fixed residence in Évora. Accommodation in Sines is free.


The opening of all Master programmes is dependent upon the existence of a minimum number of candidates.

To know other master's courses in which ISA collaborates and for more information see the webpages of each course, available at:


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