ISA offers a wide choice of syllabuses to achieve a doctorate degree (3rd cycle) in a diverse scientific field, some of them in cooperation with other universities. Further down is a list of documents needed for a successful application. Some of the information necessary for the application can be found in the appropriate syllabus page. The list of doctorate levels that ISA has to offer can be found in the following page:

3rd Cycle Applications

Documents to submit with application

  • Identity document/Passport (copy)
  • Fiscal Number
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates of qualifications (showing all curricular units achieved and marks obtained)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Recommendation letters
  • Written acceptance from the Science Coordinators, if applicable
  • Written acceptance from ISA responsible person for the integration unit
  • Work plan (title, syllabus subject and 5 keywords) – 2 copies must be handed
  • Candidate written statement willing to obey by the Code of Conduct
  • Application fees - 50€


Relevant documents:

Application Form

Code of conduct

General Standards for Doctorates at ISA [PT]


DA - Academic Division