ISA is located at Tapada da Ajuda. This space is a botanical area of 1 sq. kilometre, within the city of Lisbon, of internationally accepted value and with, an acclaimed and unique botanical preservation where the characteristic species of this climate zone are shown, gardens, several arboreta, plants nurseries, culture land (orchards, vineyards, meadows, field cultures and horticultures) and various local and wild species related to the region.

In here we can also find a diverse and ancestral historic and architectural inheritance, some of it from the time when the place was a royal park.

D. Dinis Bench
ISA - Tagus View

Besides the beautiful vegetation and the historic and architectural features, from the Belvedere, in the northern area, one can have a fabulous view of Lisbon and surroundings.

In the natural woods dominated by wild olive trees (Olea europaea L. var. sylvestris (Mill.) Lehr), we can find species such as the aderno - broad leave green-olive (Phillyrea latifolia L.), mediterranean buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus L.), mastic tree (Pistacia lenticus L.), black hawthorn (Rhamnus oleoides L.), white asparagus (Asparagus albus L.), and butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus L.). The floral collection of the park is over 200 species.

Nature Botanical Reserve D. António Xavier Pereira Coutinho

Nature Botanical Reserve D. António Xavier Pereira Coutinho

The Nature Botanical Reserve D. António Xavier Pereira Coutinho, an institution with a property of undoubtedly value, is a limestone hill farther aft the Exhibition Hall, known as Upper White House and was delimited in 1923. In 1951 was named like is today, by ISA's School Council of that time, by occasion of the centennial celebration of D. Antonio's birth, in this representative space of local vegetation of great floral significance in Tapada da Ajuda.

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1. The School of Agriculture

2. The Ramp of Nonsense

3. The Amphitheater of Stone

4. Big Land and the Observatory

5. The water mines

6. Botanical Reserve of António Xavier Pereira Coutinho

7. The rugby fields

8. The fence of the Garranos

9. The Chalet and the Pavilion of Exhibitions

10. The vineyards and the Orchard

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