"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano"

It's been clear that the cognitive process of mankind goes beyond technical, scientific and academic matters. At ISA, an institution with tradition in academic sports, particularly in School Rugby, there are several infrastructures allowing the exercise of sports. CEDAR, a branch of UTL Social Welfare unit, is assigned to promote, amongst UTL academic brotherhood, wellness and the practice of sports, within our campus in Ajuda.


Guided Walking Trails

At Tapada da Ajuda we have various especially laid-out circuits and coordinate walkings for organized entities (business organizations, associations, hotels, town/parishes councils) and school groups (primary and secondary education, professional education and universities).

 Further information: 
Web: http://espacosdatapada.isa.utl.pt/ 
E-mail: tapadapercursos@isa.ulisboa.pt 
Phone: +351 96 175 1897 
Fax: +351 21 365 3238

Guided Walking Trails


Sporting Fields I

Rugby and Soccer 7-a-side

There are two grass surfaced rugby fields and a synthetic surfaced field for 7-a-side, all managed by the Association of Former ISA Students, which can be booked in advance. 

Further information: 
Mobile Phone: +351 91 478 6228 
Phone/Fax: +351 21 364 5262 
Soccer 7-a-side: http://www.futebol7.com


Tennis and Futsal

At ISA we have two courts, either for futsal, tennis or basketball, managed by ISA Students Association, which can be booked in advance. 

Further information: 
Web: http://ae.isa.utl.pt 
Phone: +351 21 362 5986

Sporting Fields II



CEDAR - Sports & Wellnesse

CEDAR - Centre for Recreational and Physical Activities, is located next to FMV and opposite to ISCSP, and offers a diversity of reasonable low priced sports activities.

 Further information: 
Web: http://cedar.ulisboa.pt/boas-vindas/ 
E-Mail: cedarservicos@reitoria.utl.pt 
Phone: +351 21 360 0020