How do I access and use a stand simulator or tool?
For the stand simulators and other tools you must register as a user and access to the Downloads menu.

How can I use one of the regional simulators?
In the case of regional simulators, you should contact the group directly.

Is it free the use of simulators or tools available on this page?
Yes. The simulators and tools provided on this page are free to use.
Please note if you applied them in other specfific studies you must cite the sIMfLOR platform reference: http://dx.doi.org/10.5424/fs/2012213-02951

Is it possible to get an additional output for a specific simulator or tool?
You should contact the ForChange group directly.

No caso de existir problemas ao correr as ferramentas da plataforma sIMfLOR?
This tools are executable in 32 bits Windows version.

You should check your computer's Regional Options and select English (EN-UK).

Otherwise, you should contact the ForChange group directly.

ForChange Tools

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