3PG-Out+ model was conceived to project the growth of pure eucalyptus stands in Portugal accounting under alternative climate and management scenarios. This model is based on 3PG model, a process-based model based on intercepted radiation (Landsberg and Waring 1997) that was parameterized for Eucalyptus globulus in Portugal (Fontes et al. 2006). In 3PG-Out+ the module responsible for generating forest managers most important outputs (basal area and volume) was replaced by a set of sub-models resulting from hybridizing it with Globulus 3.0 empirical model through the development of link function based on allometric functions (Tome et al. 2004).

3PG-Out+ simulates the growth of eucalyptus forest managed as plantation or coppice (Barreiro et al. 2011) through the implementation of a calendar of silvicultural operations expressing different management scenarios that can be combined or not with climatic scenarios.

There is a video available describing this model.


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