The menu Generator allows the user to produce different inputs for the simulators.

The Forest Management alternative (FMA) generator is used to create a file to characterizing forest management. In this menu the user can create the calendar of silvicultural operations from stand regeneration until the harvesting age. The forest management calendar registers when and how often each operation takes place during a rotation period. The resulting output file (operations’ matrix) has the same structure regardless of the tree species and is the only possible management input considered for the regional simulators.

The Sequential FMA generator (SFMA) concept was created to allow a greater flexibility when defining forest management throughout a planning horizon by building sequences of different FMA matrixes. This generator prepares the management inputs for stand/forest simulators.

The Multiple Sequences Forest Management input generator (MSFMA) was conceived to create all possible distinct combination sequences of FMAs. The results produced by generator are used as input by forest/stand simulators combined with optimization.

The Economic Inputs generator (EI) enables the user to prepare the list of costs associated to silvicultural operations in his calendar, as well as labour and consumed products. The user can either use default values (CAOF, 2011) or alter them.

To obtain the generator tools you must register first and access to the Downloads menu.


Comissão de Acompanhamento de Operações florestais (CAOF), 2011. Matriz de Referência com Custos Mínimos e Máximos para as Principais Operações (Re)Arborização e Execução de Infraestruturas para 2011. Available in http// [7 Dec 2011] [In Portuguese].

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