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The “Safer community lands by unlocking collaborative wildfire risk management and improving the legal framework” (SAFER-LANDS) project, aims to bridge this knowledge gap, through our network of partnerships opportunities and connections, using the experience of leading experts in community forest management, integrated wildfire risk management and environmental protection. We propose to:

  • Assess baldio wildfire risks at the national scale;
  • Evaluate the influence of protection/conservation statuses and Forest Regime in baldio wildfire risks;
  • Assess land use restrictions and compare them with international examples;
  • Assess the sustainability of forest management and wildfire risk through a case study - two Clusters of Baldios;
  • Propose a review to the Forest Regime and the Baldio Law;
  • Integrate elements into the decision system, creating fire resistant mosaic landscapes;
  • Create guidelines for baldio wildfire risk mitigation.

This study will be developed to minimize the wildfire risks in mountainous areas, as well as to make baldio activities and the exploitation of its resources more productive and resilient. The results will be presented in the form of reports, congress presentations, news on websites and social networks, papers, and a guide. They will also be discussed at the final international seminar with the presence of important actors in community land management (commoners, the State Forest Service, baldio associations, local authorities), the academia and international experts, who will consider the new baldio management model in the form of clusters.