Tapada da Ajuda

ISA is located at Tapada da Ajuda. This space is a botanical area of 1 sq. kilometre, within the city of Lisbon, of internationally accepted value, where the Nature Botanical Reserve D. António Xavier Pereira Coutinho stands out, with distinctive species of this climate zone, gardens, several arboreta, plants nurseries, culture land and various local and wild species related to the region. Besides the botanic and vegetational dimension, diverse historic and architectural inheritance can be found here, some of it from the time when the place was a royal park.

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Ajuda Botanical Garden

Ajuda Botanical Garden (JBA), with over 240 years of existence, belongs to ISA since 1910. It has an area of 35000 sq. meters, across two beds with a vertical variance of 6,8 meters. Its design follows renaissance models of terraces spread across slopes, with three basic components: carved stone, plants and fountains and ponds.

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Rampa da Asneira"