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Message from the President of ISA

Mensagem do Presidente do ISALisbon, September 3, 2018


Dear Students,

The University of Lisbon just starts the 2018/2019 academic year. Therefore, to all who enter the undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies of the School of Agriculture (ISA) I wish to welcome you, with a special reference to those who will be with us and came from abroad. All of you bring experiences and have different expectations and projects but now, for at least another year, we will share the momentum of the "Instituto Superior de Agronomia" community. Together we will be imbued with the same tradition and history that makes the School of Agriculture an institution of reference in higher education and Tapada da Ajuda campus a great place.


The students are our reason and you will devote time and efforts on learning during the semester. It's natural. To consolidate knowledge, to acquire specific methods, to think systemically and to be willing to innovate believing that all problems contain opportunities and allow solutions that you can be part of, these are the main vectors of education@ISA. In this context, our vision is a school with impact, oriented towards the interests of the community and transforming the reality at local, national and international levels. As you know, the Institute has a teaching model structured in independent cycles following the basic model defined by the Bologna Declaration, the first for the bachelor's degree and the second for the master's degree. The undergraduate courses will continue to support the educational base and the second cycle (master's) and third cycle (doctorate) studies provide new opportunities, some sharing an important collaboration with other national and international institutions. In all of them we aim a teaching that inspires learning.

You are with us to keep advancing your knowledge. Therefore, please study. As you know, the academic outcomes will be the result of what you have decided to do throughout the semester, not just a few days before the tests or exams. But do not forget, the goal is to learn; it's not just to pass a year. However, do not just study. This School is inclusive and plural, encouraging different and original thoughts. I incite you to participate in extracurricular activities, whose offer by the academy and throughout the city of Lisbon is large and diverse. Between sports, culture and social volunteering, there are no offer shortage. I hope you challenge yourself!

In addition, I would also like to inform you that this academic year marks the beginning of a four-year track for a new management team of the School of Agriculture. We will be engaged towards the priorities we set out in our program of action aiming at to ensure the best School in our teaching areas. I assure you that we are committed to addressing all challenges with a clear strategy, watchful of opportunities and without neglecting threats. We will keep you informed of what we will do, giving priority to the dialogue with the Students Association and, where appropriate, directly with you. The door of the Management Board will be open, also to the other bodies in which students are present - School Council, Pedagogical Council and School Assembly.

Strive to do better today than yesterday and continue to learn to find new professional horizons, as well as personal ones. Although each one with its role, we know that the success of one will be the success of others and failure will have the same meaning for everyone. You can count on the School of Agriculture to make your talent to evolve and to achieve the goals you decide to set.

António Guerreiro de Brito

President of the School of Agriculture