The Resource Management & Landscape Architecture Group hosts ~40 researchers with expertise in a wide range of topics related with natural ecosystems from Landscape Architecture, Soil Sciences, Agronomy, Agricultural Waste Management, Environmental Chemistry and Processes to Water management and Irrigation. This diversity of competences and skills is a key factor to successfully reach the main objective of this group: to improve food production through sustainable agricultural systems and to promote eco-responsible landscape management.

The research of the Resource Management & Landscape Architecture Group is focused on three main research areas:

  • Landscape and Land use planning:
    • Ecological-based planning and Green Infrastructure
    • Urban design and planning
    • Rural fire prevention and Landscape Restoration
    • Ecossystem services, Public policies and participation;
  • Agriculture and environmental impacts:
    • Soil quality and Plant stress
    • Gaseous emissions
    • Nutrients cycling and fertilization
    • Pesticides and Risk assessment
  • Innovative Technologies for environmental management:
    • Water treatment
    • Soil components  recovery from organic/inorganic materials
    • Bio-energy production
    • Soil remediation and restauration
  • Irrigation and climate change
    • Crop evapotranspiration and irrigation requirements
    • Water management and contamination control (from field to watershed)
    • Innovative technologies
    • Coping with water scarcity and droughts

A significant part of this research work is supported by national and international projects. A large group of PhD and Master Students is involved in most of these research activities.


Group Coordinator

David Paulo Fangueiro