With a long tradition at ISA the practice of rugby benefits from two grass surfaced fields managed by the alumnISA association.

ISA Students Association is also involved in the practice of some sports among students, namely, school rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball and futsal.

ISA family can benefit from all the sports and health services offered by the University Stadium.

The Lisbon University Stadium, with sports facilities located on the Ajuda Campus and the Cidade Universitária Campus, is the University of Lisbon's service that promotes sport, health and leisure.

Open to the general community but with special prices for the academic community, the Lisbon University Stadium provides a diverse and quality sporting offer.

Consult the Sport and Outdoor Activities page to know the terms and conditions of use of the various fields/courts available at ISA and CEDAR.




Lisbon Technical University - UTL Theatrical Group (TUT)

UTL Theatrical Group rehearses at Palácio Burnay, Rua da Junqueira 86, where UTL Social Welfare unit is based, Mondays and Thursdays from 19h00 till 21h30.

Their activities resume, every year, in middle September.

For further information please consult TUT blog or its Facebook page:

Location: Alameda da Universidade MB, Lisboa
Metro - Cidade Universitária (linha Amarela)
Bus - 731 | 735 |738 |755 |764| 768
Contacts: 919233048 / 963302769 / / /


Espaço Lagar 1 Espaço Lagar 2


Lagar´s – ISA's Students space for leisure and get together

In possession of AEISA for quite a long time, this is a multifunctional area. Refurbished during the 2010/2011 school year and with a new look, this space allows diverse uses by students.

With a large room for AEISA member’s gatherings and theirs celebrations, and facilities for Radio Tomatinho (radio broadcast) and ISA Tunassa (Girls musical group), this is a space wholly dedicated to students.

It is also possible to rent this space for any event, by means of a signed protocol with AEISA.

Further information: