ISA's Students Association - AEISA

AEISA, established 21st November 1911, is the representative organization for ISA students. Nowadays with a centennial responsibility, AEISA motivates the participation of students in all school activities and those concerning the association, tries to establish a connection between the school and its affiliates regarding the country economic reality, and join forces with all domestic and international student organizations, publicizing and promoting ISA.




Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects

The Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects (APAP), founded in 1976, is the only association representing the professional class of landscape architects in Portugal. The purpose of the association is to promote and defend interests related to landscape architecture. APAP has Public Utility status, due to the relevant social purpose of both the association and the profession. All its members contribute to the technical and social progress of the profession. APAP is a member of the European Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA Europe), the organization representative of landscape architects in Europe, as part of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA).




Portuguese Association of Oenology - APE

APE commitment is to represent its associated technicians, promote interaction with public and private organizations that ultimately dignify the occupation and protect the pursuits of oenology, encourage scientific and technical development and protect wine reputation and culture.




Portuguese Association of Forestry Students - APEF

Created in 1988, APEF represents, nationwide, scholars from the forestry syllabi course. Its main goals are: supporting students, graduates and others activities concerning forestry issues, encourage the development of relationships with organizations and institutions relating to forestry and liaise with other countries associations of forestry students.




Portuguese Association for the Diversity of Grapevine

PORVID is a non-profit association that brings together the skills of knowledge producing entities, companies in the wine industry and other stakeholders in the areas of wine and biodiversity, for carrying out the conservation and utilization of the genetic diversity in old varieties and wild grapevine populations. It was established in 2009, having ISA as a founding member (among 13 others) and main methodological contributor. Its key goal is the conservation of 50.000 representative genotypes of intra-varietal diversity of all autochthonous varieties in an Experimental Pole provided by the State (in 2010), followed by their economic use (selection and others) through high efficiency innovative methods. PORVID stands today in the frontier of experimental approaches for halting genetic erosion and use of the diversity of old vine varieties Mediterranean wide.



IAAS Portugal

IAAS Portugal

IAAS - International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences - is a non-governmental organization based in Leuven, Belgium. Nowadays it is one of the largest student associations in the world, it is present in about 40 countries. The main objectives of IAAS are: to promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and information among students in order to have a mutual understanding between different countries and cultures; to gather students, researchers and professionals from Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Agro-industry, Forestry Sciences, Landscape Architecture and Biology; to promote and organize activities such as: Seminars, Workplaces, International Meetings, Exchange Weeks, Local Development Projects and International Exchange Programs. In Portugal, IAAS Portugal has existed since 1961 and the national committee has its headquarters at the School of Agriculture (ISA). It currently has 7 Local Committees: IAAS UTAD, IAAS Coimbra, IAAS Santarém, IAAS Ponte de Lima, IAAS Porto, IAAS Évora and IAAS Viseu.




ISA African Students Nucleus - NEA-ISA

NEA-ISA has, among other duties: to represent our school African and afro descendants students, as well as to promote the integration of the graduates in their country of origin. Assure to organize and carry-out debates, conferences and seminars, to deepen the knowledge and arouse interest for African matters and lusofonia (Portuguese writing and speaking), and also to develop cultural, sport and recreational activities.




Portuguese Society of Forestry Sciences - SPCF

SPCF aims to nurture the learning and improvement of forestry science and skills, to contribute in clarifying forestry activity economical and social problems, from cultivation to production and forestry services and goods market, to promote and arouse cooperation among them and develop domestic and international exchange between entities and specialities in its field of action.




Portuguese Society of Land Sciences - SPCS

SPCS is an association with the following goals: intensify the collaboration among all that study, work and protect the land as an asset; promote meetings, courses, visits and any other scientific, technical and social activities; create committees among its associates to analyse the particularities of land sciences; divulge, by means of appropriate channels, the knowledge of land sciences; affiliate or narrow down relations with other fellow domestic and international societies; and, as a consulting body, make itself available to public and private organizations to discuss matters related to land planning and utilization.




Portuguese Association of Young Oenophiles

Founded in 1994 by former students of the School of Agriculture (ISA), APJE (Associação Portuguesa de Jovens Enófilos) is a private, non-profit association. This association promotes the values of the wine culture and the promotion of the intelligent consumption of wine, among young people in the society through courses of wine tasting, conferences, annual wine shows and tasting dinners.