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ISA teacher wins cake contest

Under the Culture Day in Freedom, organized by the Ajuda Botanical Garden

This year there were over 2500 people who came to parties organized by the Ajuda Botanical Garden between 25 and 27 April.

Include the Culture Day in Freedom, April 25, entirely filled by activities carried out by people related to the ISA, which had moments of great quality provided by staff, students, teachers and volunteers usual JBA who played piano, danced, represented, painted, and recited... made ​​cakes!

The Master Cake ISA had 7 gorgeous cakes which were evaluated by an expert jury: Guiomar Machaz and Antonio Machaz, owners of the Greenhouse Restaurant and Real Vela Latina; Mario Rolando Perez, Former Pastry and Bakery; Catarina Prista, Coordinator of the Master in Gastronomic ISA/FCT Sciences. After you meet the various aspects such as flavor , texture and presentation, the winner was determined that the " truth Limonene Cake "recipe which Prof. Cristina Cunha - Fall was kind enough to give us:

Limoneno Vero Cake

4 eggs
230 g de butter
230 g de sugar
200 g de cake flour
2 oranges

Beat well the butter with the sugar.
Add the egg yolks one by one, zest of 2 oranges and juice 1. Hitting up having a very homogeneous mixture.
Finally, add the flour and egg whites.
Goes in the oven on greased with margarine form.
Once cooked, unmold and prick the surface with a fork.
Lying on top of the other cake orange juice shaken with powdered sugar.

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