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Academic Year 2020/21

Find out here the plan of the academic year 2020/21 at ISA

The academic year 2020/21 at Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) will suffer some changes, due to the pandemic. In July three possible scenarios were outlined for the reopening of the academic year 2020/21:
(1) mixed teaching, with theoretical classes lectured remotely and practical classes and theoretical-practical classes lectured in person/in the classroom;
(2) fully remote teaching and
(3) fully in-person teaching

The current pandemic situation recommends, for the start of the 1st semester of 2020/21, the activation of the mixed teaching model, scenario 1, with in-person/face-to-face evaluation of all the curricular units, during academic or extra-academic hours. The theoretical classes will mostly be lectured remotely, but, in special situations, they can be broadcasted from the classrooms. On the other hand, the practical and theoretical-practical classes will be lectured in-person, with the support not only of the larger classrooms and laboratories, but also of the cultivation fields, orchards, vineyards, olive grove, greenhouses and of all the forest surroundings that the campus of Tapada da Ajuda provides us with.

Complying with the directives from the Ministry (Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior - MCTES) and the national Health Authorities (Direcção Geral de Saúde -DGS), the access and circulation inside the buildings will be marked, the capacity of the classrooms and laboratories will be controlled, and these rooms will be sanitized throughout the day. Temperature will be controlled at the entrance of the buildings and disinfectant gel dispensers will be placed at the lobby of each one as well as in the classrooms, the use of a protection mask will be mandatory in all ISA’s spaces, except in outdoor spaces and with few people.

The student support infrastructures (Library, canteen, bar/café and residencies) will be available, but with the same hygiene and safety rules.

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