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REDE INOVAR (The leading national platform supporting innovation and exchange of knowledge and technology in agriculture, food and forestry sector) 2011-2013 Luís Manuel Bignolas Mira da Silva INOVISA PRODER  
OLIVOREG 2014-2017 Maria Teresa Gomes Afonso do Paço Olivais do Sul, Lda PRODER  
Grapevine Trunk Diseases 2014-2017        
Taxonomic reassessment of Limonium spp. from Morocco Atlantic coast 2015-2016     Percy Sladen Memorial Fund, Linnean Botanical Society of London, UK  
Survival of Listeria monocytogenes on food contact surfaces 2015-2018        
NITROPORTUGAL 2015-2018 Cláudia Saramago de Carvalho Marques dos Santos Cordovil ISA EU - H2020  
WINETWORK (Collaborative project for the exchange and transfer of innovative knowledge between European wine-growing regions to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector) 2015-2018        
MeProWaRe (Novel Methodology for the Promotion of treated Wastewater Reuse for Mediterranean crops improvement) 2014-2019 Gonçalo Pereira Fernandes Caleia Rodrigues Universidade de Évora FCT  
Lista Vermelha da Flora Vascular 2016-2019        
VINOVERT (Projecto inovador e estruturante para a fileira vitivinícola do território SUDOE) 2016-2019 Isabel Maria Gomes Rodrigo Université de Bordeaux Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão  
ALIEN (Abordagem integrada ao estudo da interação Lasiodiplodia-videira) 2016-2019 Maria Cecília Nunes Farinha Rego Universidade de Aveiro FCT  
Mycovitis (A new phenotyping tool – calorespirometry- and novel molecular markers to assess the effectiveness of mycorrhizal fungi in improving heat and drought tolerance in vineyards) 2016-2019 Amaia Miren Nogales García ISA FCT  
Qualaty (Deciphering the grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) quality riddle. How can the omics technologies contribute to a demand-driven improvement in legume quality?) 2016-2019 Catarina Paula Guerra Geoffroy Prista ITQB/UNL FCT  
APO-MIXIS (Limonium spp. As a model for autonomous apomixis: characterization of genetic-molecular factors distinguishing apomictic from sexual reproductive processes) 2016-2019 Ana Cristina Delaunay Caperta ISA FCT  
INTERATrigo (Yield and quality evaluation in bread wheat as a function of the water-nitrogen interaction) 2017-2019 José Domingos Cochicho Ramalho Instituto Politécnico de Beja FCT  
XF-FREEOLIVE (Multifunctional study of xylem-sap of Portuguese olive cultivars and its relation with susceptibility to infection by Xylella fastidiosa.) 2016-2019 Maria Cristina Luiz Antunes Simões Beja da Costa INIAV FCT  
Research Agreement with Dtari (Pathogenic, cytological and epidemiological studies to achieve coffee varieties with durable resistance to leaf rust at Yunnan Province) 2016-2019 Maria do Céu Machado Lavado da Silva ISA DEHONG Tropical Agriculture Research Institute of Yunnan  
MICROSUÍNO (Microalgae valorization for the production of swine’s and improvement of the quality of their meat based on a new generation of commercial enzymes) 2017-2019 João Pedro Bengala Freire NZYTECH, Lda ADI

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WineWATERFootprint (Avaliação da pegada hídrica na fileira vitivinícola) 2017-2019 Margarida Oliveira Instituto Politécnico de Santarém COMPETE 2020  


2017-2019 Cecilia Rego Centro Operativo e Tecnológico Hortofrutícola Nacional (COTHN) FEADER PT version
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