Carrying out services to the community is a distinctive feature that has been assuming more importance in ISA activities. These activities focus mainly in consulting interventions to businesses and institutions for evaluation and elaboration of investment projects, and in developing actions and quality control for the services and products manufactured by companies.

It is important to note that any person or enterprise can benefit from these services:





Laboratory Analysis

At ISA labs several tests can be performed, such as:





Besides courses leading to an academic degree, ISA offers other training courses, as well as consulting services.

The Non-Degree Courses, of variable dimension and not ending with any degree, in emerging areas of interest, are accessible to either students or professionals.

The Ajuda Botanical Garden offers on a regular basis, through the Association of Ajuda Botanical Garden Friends, Gardening Courses.

Being, INOVISA, an association for the shaping of technological sector businesses, participates in R&D projects and training sessions within areas related to entrepreneurship, such as the safekeeping of intellectual ownership and transfer of technology.






Sale and Rental of Plants

ISA Forestry Nursery started its activities in 1920 and comprises today an instructive and scientific heritage of high value, as well as for professional training and environmental awareness.

This greenhouse, incorporated in the Natural Resources, Environment and Land Department (DRAT), makes available a wide choice of plants species for sale or renting.

To gather more information on the available species consult the ISA Forestry Nursery webpage.