Instituto Superior de Agronomia makes available to the whole community various ISA brand products and accessories. To acquire them, simply contact Agrolivro personally at the entrance of the ISA Main Building.

   T-Shirts ISA  T-Shirts ISA

  • T-Shirts ISA - Size S/M/L/XL - white/green stamping

   Lab Coats ISA  Lab Coats ISA

  • Lab Coats ISA - S/M/L Sizes


  • A4 folder | A4 and A5 notebooks | White A4 block


  • Green mug with drawing of the Main Building | Blue Mug with Azulejos of the Main Building | Magnet with Main Building

  • Bookmarkers in cork | Pens - various colors | ISA Silver Case with Ballpoint Pen and Automatic Pencil


  • ISA Mouse Mats


  • Neck Lanyard Strap with wire to hang the mobile phone  |  Metal bottle opener  |  ISA Keyring


  • ISA Badges  |  ISA Pin  |  ISA Folding Umbrella 

  • ISA Cloth Bag


All items are available on
Agrolivro Bookstore

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Tapada da Ajuda 1349-017 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone number: +351 21 365 3305