Any support strategy for the cooperation to the sustainable development in emerging countries, needs to focus in education and rural and agricultural development, fields that our school excels and have a wide expertise.

Having always a privileged relation with Africa that is being cemented periodically, at present we have Protocols and/or Partnerships with two Universities (Angola and Mozambique) and one Institute (Cape Verde). With East-Timor our school maintains the National Cooperation Program, which allows teachers to lecture in Timor.

Cooperação para o Desenvolvimento



Centre of Tropical Studies for Development

ISA's CENTROP, Technological Support Unit is a non-profit association established and registered by the 25th November 2004.

With its headquarters at ISA's campus, is recognized since 1st June 2009 as a NPO for Development and have as main targets to promote and support sustainable development in tropical regions by means of participation in development projects, scientific research, producing agrarian and rural development studies, and divulge subjects and training related to the technical, economical and social development.

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