The Protocol was signed on November 30, 2018

On November 30, 2018, the Rector of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ankara, Prof. Dr. Ergin Dursun and Prof. Dr. Necmettin Ceylan, visited the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA, School of Agriculture) - Universidade de Lisboa, and it was celebrated a Protocol on bilateral cooperation, between the ISA, School of Agriculture, Universidade de Lisboa, represented by its President, Prof. António Guerreiro de Brito, and the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ankara, represented by its Rector Prof. Dr. Ergin Dursun. 

In order to increase the possibilities of cooperation between both faculties and to understand the agricultural development in Portugal, evaluating the possibilities of an Erasmus+ agreement between both institutions, the visit of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ankara, was received with the presentations of ISA by the President Professor António Guerreiro do Brito and Professor Miguel Mourato, and the presentation of the Faculty of Agriculture made by Professor Dr. Necmettin Ceylan (Department of Agricultural Machinery Dept. of Animal Science), as well as with the presentation of the departments of ISA, School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon, by Prof. Margarida Tomé (Coordinator of the Research Group "ForChange: Forest Ecosystems in an environment of global change" of the CEF - Center for Forest Studies); Prof. Teresa Matos (President of the Department of Sciences and Engineering of Biosystems - DCEB), Prof. Ricardo Braga and Prof. Madalena Lordelo, from the same department.