Within the CAF of the Parish of Alcântara

In response to a request from the parish council of Alcântara, was held on April 8 in the space adjacent to the gardens of Tapada da Ajuda (near the stone amphitheater) a workshop of Horticulture for children in the Component Family Support (CAF) of Alcântara. The approximately 120 children were grouped by age, the morning came the children from 3 to 6 years (Kindergarten) and in the afternoon, children of the 1st cycle of Basic Education (Schools EB1 Raul Lino and Santo Amaro).

During the morning, children were visiting the gardens of Tapada da Ajuda and participated in a game of families of seed (fruit). Identified seeds and fruits grouped by family, followed by a proof of fruit and preparing a small garden (in the paint) with different vegetables before worked, to bring to their schools. During the afternoon activity, in addition to visiting the gardens of Tapada da Ajuda and evidence of fruit, children experimented with different substrates used in horticulture and used the knowledge gained to prepare a vegetable vases with plants, which led to the schools.