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The Joint Reserach Centre (JRC) launched in 2008 a framework contract for the provision of forest data and services in support to the European Forest data Centre. Within this framework a system called E-Forest was developed to build-up a database containing metadata and data from national forest inventories.

CEABN InBIO participated in several performance tests, in the production of harmonized tree diversity maps and in the generation of forest production estimator and simulators. This contract demonstrated that NFI data can be used to produce sound forest information at the European level, but that further developments are required to make the fully comparable. The ongoing framework contract build upon scientific advances made with precedent framework contract to broaden the knowledge base of the European Forest Data Centre (EFDAC), the focal point for forest data and information in Europe to supply European decision-makers with processed, quality-checked and timely policy-relevant forest data and information.

The contract is playing a key role in supporting the EU forestry strategy, the development, implementation and monitoring of forest-related policies of the European Union, as well as the international reporting efforts. The involvement of 20 institutions lead by French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (with 17 countries as co-contractors and 2 countries as sub-contractor) will result in the provision of:

- a transnational perspective on forest information, producing novel work and advice on issues that are potentially relevant to EU forest-related policies;

- a common and enriched knowledge base on forests in the EU;

- a quality-controlled mechanism for the supply of ad hoc processed, policy-relevant forest data.

Until now 18 Specific Contracts (SCs) were developed within this framework. CEABN InBIO team was directly involved in the following:

SC5 – Feasibility and demonstration study of the potential use of National Forest Inventory data to describe the richness of the European forests.

SC7 – Building a validation data set for the JRC forest layer.

SC8 – Statistical calculations at European level using design based estimators.

SC10 – Developing and testing a prototype for European forestry dynamics model.

SC15 – Enhancement and testing of European Forestry Dynamics Model (EFDM) for uneven-aged forest.

SC17 – On the use of NFI data to estimate biomass in the European Forests.

SC18 - Use of National Forest Inventories data to estimate area and above ground biomass in European forests not available for wood supply.