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CEABN TEAM: Carla Santos e Susana Dias.

The study aimed to characterize the vascular flora and vegetation from the main land use types in the county as part of a wider project, coordinated by the Institute of Environment and Life (IAV) of the University of Coimbra, on the evaluation of biodiversity and conservation values, considering the  impacts of 2003-2004 wildfires.

The floristic study of 24 plots representative of  Pyrenean woodlands, montado (cork oak and green oak agroforestry systems), pine and eucalyptus stands, scrublands, olive groves and  annual crops, was conducted during May and June 2005.

More than 220 plant species, belonging to 51 families were confirmed during field work.

About 5% are endemic species, of which two stand out as being endemic in mainland Portugal: Allium pruinatum and Campanula transtagana.

The County has shown a huge potential in terms of aromatic and medicinal plants.

The Habitats with higher conservation values are the “montados” and the  Pyrenean oak formations.