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The project targets the valorization of the forest biomass in rural areas, thus stimulating the local economy and the participation of the population. It aims at contributing for a better management by enhancing the financial return of cleaning operations to the forest owners, hence encouraging fuel management and contributing to prevention of forest fires. Simultaneously, biomass valorization can decrease the number of burnings (traditional burns), diminishing one of the main causes of fire ignition in Portugal. Two solutions are envisaged: one for application associated with non-structural products (e.g. thermal panel) and another for low demanding structural purposes (e.g. partition member, but still presenting enhanced functional performance in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation).

The project has seven tasks:

  • Forest biomass assessment and gathering;
  • Assessment of the impact of biomass management on fire prevention;
  • Background for biomaterial development with forest biomass and fungi;
  • Essential oils extraction;
  • Demonstration of technical aptitude: Product Development & Testing;
  • Markets and product Marketing;
  • Knowledge transfer and outreach activities.

It is expected that project outputs succeed in the research community (open access and patent submission) and industry content. At another level an effort is made to promote the participation of young researchers in the project, namely through MsC and PhD thesis. To reach the public awareness of the importance of biomass management, the project results will be disseminated also in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter channels with the creation of ashtag#VALUE2PREVENT.