Ecological processes and consequences of fire in the riparian zone

Organização: CEF/CEABN

Data: 9 novembro :: 12h30 às 13h30

Local: Sala PF 1.6 (Auditório Florestal) 

Tema: "Ecological processes and consequences of fire in the riparian zone"

Orador: Neil E. Pettit - Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management, The University of Western Australia



Riparian zones differ from surrounding uplands in their biophysical templates, moisture regimes and disturbance regimes. As a consequence the characteristics and effects of fire will also be different. Fire impacts on riparian zones vary proportionally with the severity and extent of burning in the catchment and are affected by stream size. In this seminar I will discuss the current understandings of ecological consequences of fire in riparian zones, using examples from research on riparian fires in South Africa and northern Australia. A better understanding of riparian fire regimes is essential to assessing the effects of fire in shaping the complex ecological characteristics of riparian zones over the longer-term.


Biosketch :

Neil Pettit is a research scientist within the Ecosystems Research Group at the University of Western Australia. Neil has extensive experience in river ecology and has worked in Australia, South Africa and the US. He has strong research interests in riparian vegetation dynamics and the biogeochemical and biotic fluxes between terrestrial and aquatic systems.