às 12h30 com David Coomes, Director of the U.Cambridge Conservation Research Institute

Data: 30 abril 2021  :: 12h30 às 13h30
Local: online  ::  
link Zoom: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/89304707522 

O próximo seminário CEF/CEABN "Ecologia, Florestas e Conservação" ocorrerá no dia 30 de Abril, sexta-feira, entre as 12h30m e as 13h30m, com o título Alteration of biogeochemical processes in human-modified tropical forestsremote-sensing perspective, por David CoomesUniversity of Cambridge, Reino Unido.  


David Coomes is a Professor of Forest Ecology and Conservation and the Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute. He is the head of Forest Ecology and Conservation group. 


Abstract: It is conceivable that the 2020s may be a turning point for tropical rainforests, as humanity recognizes their value in mitigating climate change and takes steps to protect and restore them.  Yet it remains unclear whether restoration efforts will be hampered by climate change or by fundamental shifts in ecosystem functioning caused by logging and hunting.  High-resolution remote sensing integrated with field data is providing some answers to these challenging issues. I will show how logging and fragmentation have affected carbon storage, microclimates, response to drought events, nutrient cycling, and animal communities in the human-modified tropical forests of Asia. Based on these findings, I will discuss opportunities for forest restoration in the decade ahead. 


João Neves Silva, Maria Conceição Caldeira, Patricia Rodríguez González, Miguel Bugalho