until 31 July

The deadline for submitting your abstract to the event Microscopy at the Frontiers of Science was postponed to July 31.

Show us your work in this field and how it will help to shape the way that scientific research is made in the areas of Life Sciences and Material Sciences, the two categories available for submitting your abstract.

The impact of electron microscopy in life sciences and material sciences is undeniable and will be even more relevant in the near future, given the increasing need for new discoveries, able to power the innovation the world demands.

We will also focus on Cryo-EM and its role in supporting the fight against challenging diseases such as COVID-19.

If you haven’t had the chance to register you can do it now and still take advantage of the early-bird rate until July 30.

We have also special rates for students and members of the Portuguese and Spanish Microscopy Societies. We invite you to check them in the registration link above.