24th June - 12th July 2019

The University of Angers (France) and its partners organise the 5th edition of the Summer School PLANT HEALTH AND QUALITY from June 24th to July 12th 2019.

Angers is an international reference center for research in plant sciences with national research centers in horticulture and several research units and companies in the related fields.  

The "Plant Health and Quality" Summer School is open in priority to Master students in the fields of agriculture, plant science and biological science. Bachelor or first year PhD students may also apply.

It will give an insight into new developments in plant health and quality research, will help the students toincrease their scientific background in this field and may help them to prepare a PhD project.

The lectures, workshops, projects and visits are all interactive and are all in English.

6 European Credits Transfer System will be delivered at the end of the program.

Detailed program, conditions for admission and application form are available via this link: Plant Health and Quality Summer School 2019

The €2000 registration cost for 3 weeks covers tuition, Paris-Angers return trip, accommodation, all the meals, welcoming and teaching materials, bike rental and bus pass, all costs (transport, meals, entrance tickets) related to the scientific visits and the social program.

Total or partial exemption of the admission fees may be offered by the Regional Objectif Vegetal program (see details in the conditions for admission & application procedure).

Application deadline: 15th April 2019