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UAB Barcelona Summer School

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We are glad to inform you that UAB Barcelona Summer School 2019 is already published on our website. Our offer for 2019 has been remarkably increased, 7 out of 21 courses are new and most of them are 6 ECTS credits transferable to students' degree programme. For the first time our international students, who participate in this programme, will have the chance to learn and improve their Spanish as a Foreign Language. 

The UAB Barcelona Summer School 2019 edition will go from the end of June to early August 2019, with a range of courses from different disciplines taught most of them in English. We invite you to check our website and to see the list of courses offered in 2019:

Enrollment period starts by the end of January 2019, so keep in mind that your students could get 10% discount if they register before April 1, 2019.