Candidatura aberta para 17 Doutoramentos

To all students looking for a post-lauream education, the University of Perugia promotes 17 Ph.D. programs. Each program has a reserved scholarship for foreigner students. All activites will be run mainly in English. Knowledge of the Italian language is therefore not required. 

According to the recent QS ranking the University of Perugia is considered "High" in terms of "Research output". A description of the Ph.D. programs is available at the link:

The scholarship amount is € 13.638,47 per year, for three years. Furthermore, the scholarship may be increased by up to 50% for periods spent at universities outside of Italy. For the second and third year, a budget of € 1363,84 p/year is also available  for research and mobility activities.
The call for PhD positions and scholarships will be published from June 2018 at the above link. For preliminary information on the required documentation to apply for the reserved scholarship, pls send an email to: