Boost your skills and employability this summer

INNES Summer Schools are short academic programs in cutting-edge academic topics hosted by international experts right in the heart of Vienna. Participating in one of the 12 Summer Schools at INNES means you can accelerate your degree by earning extra credits, or explore a completely new field of studies and broaden your world not only through your studies but also through a unique cultural experience in Central Europe.

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Summer Schools this year include:

Vienna 25+: The Future of Human Rights May 21-25
International Student Sailing Week May 19-26
International Economy and Sustainable Development Jul 2-13
Climate Friendly Buildings Jul 2-13
Cross-Cultural Negotiations East/West Jul 2-13
Urban Living with Water Jul 2-13
Prototyping in IoT - Creative Engineering Jul 2-13
Austrian Architectural Culture Jul 2-20
IoT - BigData - Cloud – Security Jul 2-13
Automation Past and Present Jul 16-27
Government Communications I Language of Public Administration Jul 16-27
Creative and Hygienic Food Engineering Aug 6-17


Spring special: Sailing I Team-building

During this International Student Sailing Week you will learn the sailing basics while enjoying the Adriatic Sea and discovering stunning Croatian islands. You will also build your knowledge and skills in the area of cross-cultural team-building. A professional skipper by your side will take care of your safety. You will be on board of excellent, clean and safe yachts.

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German Courses I Los geht’s! In addition to Summer Schools, there are also host high-quality German language courses at all levels. Intensive German language courses take place every month and last 4 weeks, from Monday-Thursday. You have the choice between mornings (9:15 to 12 am) and evenings (6:15 to 9 pm). If four days a week is too intensive for you, try our Evening German Language Courses - twice a week, duration 8 or 12 weeks (6:15-8 pm). Dynamic classes with modern teaching methods area offered as well as extra grammar booster courses to develop student independence, ÖSD Exam Preparation workshops, and, the actual ÖSD exam. Register here