Applications Open

The mission of the AXA Research Fund is to fund academic research dedicated to bettering our understanding of important hazards, risks and threats and our current global societal challenges within four clusters: Life & Health risks, Data & Technological risks, Climate & Environment risks and Finance, Insurance and Regulation Risks.

In 2017 the AXA Research Fund will be offering up to twenty-five (25) Post-Doctoral Fellowships to outstanding researchers. Each grant can be up to one hundred and thirty thousand euros (€130,000) at most and for a duration of eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) month period. To that end, the AXA Research Fund implements two bottom-up calls for applications addressed to the research institutions registered in the AXA Research Fund database and willing to host Post-Doctoral Fellowship candidates. The two calls will be implemented as detailed in the Section “Timeline & Application Process”.

It is the Institution’s remit to identify the best possible candidates to participate in the Post-Doctoral Fellowships campaign. Candidates will subsequently be expected to submit an application presenting their research project, to be carried out in the host institution that nominated them.

The AXA Research Fund Scientific Board, composed of renowned international academic experts and AXA Executives, oversees the applicant selection process. It validates the eligibility and selection criteria as well as the tools used to process the call for applications. The president of the Scientific Board, delegated by the Board, acts as a jury over and decides upon the recommendations of funding based on:

  • Scientific assessments of the research projects performed by a network of international academic experts (review panel members);
  • Budget coherence of the proposed project taking into account the researchers’ working conditions in the host institution and “real” needs for the research;
  • Public engagement interviews by non-academic AXA experts. The interview results are used only if they favor the candidate.

The AXA Research Fund partners with the European Science Foundation (ESF) to carry out the scientific evaluation process. ESF is an established, independent and non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting scientific endeavors. ESF conducts the peer review in accordance with the criteria defined by the AXA Research Fund.

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