Estonian University of Life Sciences

In connection with the structural reform of the Estonian University of Life Sciences we invite to apply for the new Professorships from September 1, 2017.

Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

  • Chair Professor of Animal Breeding and Biotechnology
  • Chair Professor of Animal Nutrition
  • Chair Professor of Aquaculture
  • Chair Professor of Veterinary Bio- and Population Medicine
  • Chair Professor of Clinical Veterinary Medicine
  • Chair Professor of Food Science and Technology
  • Chair Professor of Food Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health
  • Professor of Clinical Immunology

Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • Chair Professor of Plant Biology and Crop Science
  • Chair Professor of Horticulture
  • Chair Professor of Plant Health
  • Chair Professor of Soil Science
  • Chair Professor of Landscape and Environmental Management
  • Chair Professor of Landscape Architecture
  • Chair Professor of Biological Diversity and Nature Tourism
  • Chair Professor of Hydrobiology and Fishery
  • Professor of Soil Ecology

Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering

  • Chair Professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecology
  • Chair Professor of Geomatics
  • Chair Professor of Forest Management Planning and Wood Processing Technologies
  • Chair Professor of Rural Building and Water Management

Institute of Technology

  • Chair Professor of Biosystems Engineering
  • Chair Professor of Energy Application Engineering
  • Professor of Ergonomics

Chair Professor has both academic and administrative duties concurrently.

  • leading R&D activity of the chair;
  • conducting and directing R&D work of the chair;
  • successfully initiating and leading research projects;
  • managing organization of studies, incl. supervising of MSc & PhD students;
  • creating motivating and intellectually stimulating environment for the chair.

Application documents
To participate in the competition, candidates are required to submit the following documents to the Academic Secretary (Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 1, 51014 TARTU, ESTONIA)

  • an application to the Rector;
  • a copy of the document certifying PhD degree or equivalent;
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae) incl.
  • list of scientific publications of the last 10 years, indexed in Thomson Reuters Web of Science or Scopus;          
  • up to 10 significant publications from the earlier period may be included at will;
  • information on academic work done within five recent years;
  • candidates should consider adding the names of two individuals who can be called upon to provide information regarding the candidate’s work;
  • motivation letter reflecting the candidate’s vision about the development of this specific research field and related international cooperation in the university, and the measures that the candidate is going to take for increasing the level of research and teaching in the field (max 1500 words);
  • other relevant materials at the discretion of the applicant.

Application documents shall be submitted in the written form (either on paper or as a digitally signed document by e-mail to in English.

Please note that the application has to be submitted until April 3, 2017.

Further particulars are available: