Organised by Union APARE-CME

Open volunteering activities to anyone wanting to get involved in a collective project in the fields of heritage, environment, and sustainable development and including:

  • International volunteer workcamps in the South of Rance and Greece, in parternship with national, regional and local authorities. In all, there are 12 workcamps (2 are 16 - 17 years old) offering participants the chance to discover a wonderful regional heritage and to enjoy a unique human experience in an international group.
  • Euro-Mediterranean Campuses for the Environment and Sustainable Development. Thse five students and young professionals the opportunity to contribute to a local community project, to supplement their training and develop their professional experience as a member of an international multi-disciplinary team. 1 campus is on offer this summer in Greece: "Mapping walking trails in the region of Olympus-Kissavos."

The Union APARE-CME also offers other activities all year round such as dry stone constrction training courses.

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