Deadline 14 September 2016

The program aims to support the career development and training of experienced researchers in all scientific disciplines through international and inter-sector mobility to enhance their creative and innovative potential and to diversify their individual competence in terms of skill acquisition.

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions are open to researchers of any age, nationality or discipline. They fund excellent research and provide attractive working conditions.

The University of Padova offers the researcher a unique opportunity to work with highly qualified research groups across a broad inter-disciplinary network of scientific areas.

The best Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellows at the University of Padova will have the possibility to enter the “Talents Grant Program”, a new initiative funded by our university to support the best researchers for two additional years of research activities.

The International Research Office will offer support and customized assistance to potential candidates wishing to apply for a MSC Fellowship at the University of Padova.

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