Harbin Institute of Tecnology

We are formally inviting students from your university to participate in the 6th HIT Modern China Program to be held July 19 to July 28, 2014 in Harbin Institute of Technology. This summer program is organized by HICA (HIT International Communication Association) which is a student organization affiliated with HIT International Office. HICA is committed to promoting international activities on student level.

This year, nearly 200 university students from Asia, America, Europe and Oceania are invited for participation. The program includes lectures on specific topics related to China and offers culture experiencing opportunities.

We are going to arrange field trips to (1) Industry sites; (2) Environment sites. The students can choose one among these three options. Besides, HICA has put together a compelling program, which is available at http://www.international.hit.edu.cn/summer/.

The total cost for this program is 550 USD per person, and 500 USD for early birds, (for all local expenses including ground transportation, accommodation, meals, etc), excluding registration fee, flight tickets and private expenses. HIT would like to cover the full cost of local expenses for two students of each university. The deadline for student application is May 31, 2014.

In order to finalize the Modern China Program, please forward your reply to hitsc2014@gmail.com or register online at http://www.international.hit.edu.cn/summer/application/apply.asp.

Thank you for publishing the message of our summer program to the entire students of your university. We are looking forward to meeting your students at Harbin Institute of Technology in this coming summer!