Olive & Olive Oil thematic line aims at being a meaningful and comprehensive contribution of LEAF for the sustainability of the olive and olive oil sector, with a strategic importance for Portugal and other Mediterranean countries.


i) to improve the quality of olive tree orchards and olive oil by optimal management techniques (fertilization, water, training and pruning techniques, alternate bearing control, pest and disease control, choice of cultivars, favoring of olive oil health related chemical compounds);

ii) protect the environment - minimize environmental impacts of the crop and oil extraction process: reduction of inputs; pesticide monitoring, risk assessments, and interactions; olive mill wastewater treatment, recovery and processing of by-products; best practices promoting a responsible production and consumption;

iii) adapt to climate change (spatial and temporal impacts of more adverse climate on productivity, table olives and olive oil quality, cultivar distribution, and adaptation measures);

iv) develop new food products from olive oil, with added value, aligned with the Mediterranean diet;

v)  implement decision support systems.

This thematic line benefits from an extensive database on most of the above objectives, gathered within the frame of projects addressing the olive chain (e.g., Futurolive, WUSSIAAME, H2OLIVE3S, ERANET-MED/0006/2014 (WASA), PTDC/AGR-PRO/0856/2014; Olivoreg) and is supported by the reference laboratory for olive oil analyses of ISA.


Thematic Line Coordinator

Teresa Afonso do Paço

Contact: tapaco@isa.ulisboa.pt