Green and Blue Infrastructures Thematic Line (GBI -TL) joins a multidisciplinary team, linking landscape architects, agronomists, phyto-sociologists, and other earth scientist, from LEAF as well as from other institutions, gathering an innovative arrangement of competences. The GBI-TL aims to develop research in land-use planning based on the so called green and blue infrastructures. Such infrastructures are spatial ecological infrastructures strategically designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services. The GBI-TL research is applied at several scales, from local to (trans-)national.

Green and blue infrastructure is also a landscape planning tool to recover ecologically degraded environments. The main ecological and cultural challenges addressed are floods and droughts, groundwater depth, land degradation, desertification, biodiversity losses, rural fires, forest planning and management, coastal dynamics, agro-food planning, rural-urban linkages, urban heat-island effect, soft mobility, public spaces quality, and wellbeing.

Working with landscape (infra)structures turns possible to plan and manage sustainable urban and rural landscapes. The research comprises understanding of the ecological suitability for different activities such as nature conservation, forest, agriculture, construction, and leisure. The solutions investigated are Nature-Based Solutions as being inspired and supported by nature providing environmental, social, and economic benefits. The GBI-TL research aims to improve public policies, address social challenges, and provide data sharing in the EPIC WebGIS platform (

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Thematic Line Coordinator

Selma B. Pena