The Grapevine & Wine Production (G&WP) thematic line is an horizontal and inter-disciplinary platform for the development of research in the grape and wine sector and on production and sustainability in the wine production chain. The G&W research activities are reinforced by close cooperation with national or international partners from the academy and the industry.

G&WP research aims at providing essential tools for stakeholders, including tackling the new challenges imposed by market competition, the need for sustainable and circular production systems, and the adaptation to climate change. The goals of the G&WP thematic line are supported by fundamental and applied research activities at LEAF laboratories and ISA’s vineyards and in close cooperation with the private sector. The G&WP thematic line is able to provide scientific knowledge intersecting studies on Grape production, Wine quality & Sustainability combining competences and objectives at different levels:

Molecular & cellular (e.g. molecular markers for specific traits; biochemical and gene expression analysis, of multi-stress effects on leaf functioning; grape berry ripening, more efficient industrial S. cerevisiae strains;

Plant & Vineyard: genetic diversity of native Portuguese varieties; improved phenotyping and management practices, soil and plant health, precision viticulture; grapevine trunk diseases, etc.)

Winery: (e.g. prevention of stuck and sluggish fermentations and control of wine microbial spoilage; influence of mannoproteins on sparkling wine quality; geographical indications; sensory analysis; water use, winery wastes and recycling)


Thematic Line Coordinator

Joaquim Miguel Costa