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The Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) is an engineering school of the University of Lisbon, presently the largest university in Portugal with more than 45000 enrolled students. We offer a variety of degrees from 3-years first degrees to Master and PhD degrees, but also intensive courses for professionals and even workshops for the general public.

ISA is located in Tapada da Ajuda, a green area with about one hundred hectares with several buildings lodging laboratories and classrooms, a computer centre, the library, a herbarium, the students’ association (AEISA), the canteen and several working and leisure areas. Inside the Tapada are also several sport facilities and the Exhibition Pavilion, unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

We are proud of our position as one of the top research faculties in the country, as a result of the work carried out by our professors, researchers, students and technicians, in collaboration with other national and international research organizations, and in partnerships with the industry and farmers’ associations.

We prepare our students to have a strong background in basic sciences and to apply engineering approaches to solve complex problems related to ecosystems and landscape management and with the production of food, feed, fibers and energy in the context of studies in Agricultural Engineering, Food and Feed, Forests, Environmental Engineering, Biology and Landscape Architecture.

We provide our students with an opportunity to study in other European universities through ERASMUS, carrying out part of their courses in an exchange programme with partner universities.

We have a mentoring programme promoted by AlumnISA, helping the insertion of students in the labour market, and a spin-off incubator, INOVISA, where students may start their own company.

We receive an increasing number of international students that can benefit from our high standard curricula but also practice several sports, pursue favourite cultural activities and enjoy the hectic nightlife of Portugal’s capital.

To study in ISA is to establish a lifelong bond with the school.

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