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Unit Management

The management structure of the Rocha Pear Postharvet Unit includes a coordinator, a strategic board and a technical team.

Coordinator: Prof. Domingos Almeida (Instituto Superior de Agronomia).
The coordinator manages the Unit, assures the good conduction of its activities and the articulation between different projects and participants in the RDI process.

Strategic board: Eng. Armando Torres Paulo (Frutus), Mr. Filipe Ferreira (Granfer), Dr. Fernando Isidoro (Coopval), Mr. João Alves (CPF) and Mr. Paulo Silva (ANP).
The strategic board ensures the strategic orientation, defines priorities and supervises the research programme, including decisions regarding trade secret and dissemination of competitive knowledge.

Technical team: Eng. Nelson Isidoro (Coopval), Eng. Filipe Silva (CPF), Eng. Jorge Henriques (C.F. Paínho) e Eng. Pedro Santa Bárbara (Frutus).
The technical team works closely with the Unit's coordinator in the design and operationalization of trial and in knowledge translations to companies.

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