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COORDINATION: Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie Brandenburg-Ost (DAA)

CEABN TEAM: Conceição Colaço.

OTHER INSTITUTIONS: Centro de Estudos Florestais, Câmara Municipal de Loulé, Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências Florestais and Research, academic and forestry institution from Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Austria and Germany.

This project was the result of a collaboration with differing structural approaches to forest pedagogy on the basis of ideas shared by the project partners expresses itself in what has developed into a highly diverse seminar concept.

The concept at hand consisted of several parts. Of course it was advisable to complete the parts of the course in succession, but it is also possible to approach the topic of forest pedagogy via the individual products. For example the CD-ROM can be used to take first steps in this direction. Only those who acquired the prerequisite pedagogical foundations can do justice to the overall concept of the seminar, however.

From the very start, the members of the project group were aware of the necessity to take the particular features of national and regional forest pedagogy into account while compiling the materials. For this reason, the overall concept at hand constitutes a framework which facilitates the integration of previously existing concepts if this should prove necessary on the basis of national or regional frames of reference. The materials for this course, Pedagogical Work in the Forest, is a further development of already existing concepts originating in the countries of the project members; they have been compiled within a European framework for the first time and expanded to include innovative products.

The overall concept at hand is the mutual product of all partners comprising (for download):

1. Course framework, which describes the goals and foundations of forest pedagogy as well as the seminar concept;

2. Seminar concept, which lays out the prerequisites for conducting the course and comments on methodological and didactic aspects;

3. Coursebook, which conveys the pedagogical approach as oriented to age and learning level;

4. CD-ROM, which can be used to plan excursions, tours and specific group tasks.

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Documents available for download: