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COORDINATION: Francisco Castro Rego (CEABN).

ADISA/CEABN TEAM: Filipe Xavier Catry, Maria João Maia, Teresa Alexandra Santos; Field Work - António Gravato (responsable), Inês Castro Vasco, Amândio Esteves.

OTHER INSTITUTIONS: INOV - INESC Inovação - Institute of New Tecnologies.

Project developed in the scope of a Forest Fires Initiative, promoted by COTEC Portugal (Associação Empresarial para a Inovação). This initiative consisted in a research and development project named "Project for Forest Vigilance, Forest Fire Detection and Support to Fire Fighting Systems", in witch was celebrated a collaboration protocol between INOV/ADISA with the objective of "Analysis of the actual Portuguese Lookout Network (RNPV) and proposals to its reformulation aiming the optimization of available resources". Centre of Applied Ecology Professor Baeta Neves (CEABN) was responsible for the general coordination and execution, representing ADISA.

Work Developped:

  • GPS and photographic registration of all lookouts included in the National Lookout Network (RNPV) and update of existing information.
  • Evaluation of the lookout activity and performance.
  • Production of digital cartography at local, regional and national level.
  • Proposal of measures to adopt for forest fire detection optimization in Portugal.

Cartographic Production at National Level:

  • Visible and Invisible areas from RNPV
  • Vigilance Cover Rate by RNPV
  • Location and characteristics of RNPV
  • Priority Areas for Additional Vigilance
  • Public Interest Areas