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CEABN TEAM: Diogo Castro Pereira, Francisco Castro Rego, Maria João Maia, Miguel Capelo e Susana Dias.

OTHERS INSTITUTIONS: ERENA, Ordenamento e Gestão de Recursos Naturais, Lda., Escola Superior Agrária de Beja e Divisão de Recursos Aquícolas de Águas Interiores (Direcção-Geral dos Recursos Florestais).

This Project aimed to collect auto-ecologic data e develop techniques that enable the conservation and management of red-legged partridge on areas dominated by montado.  The mains research lines were:

1) Collection and modelling information about species ecology on montado;

2) Field implementation and testing different management measures;

3) Monitoring population dynamics on the study areas and assessing demographic and spatial response to the implementation of the implemented measures

CEABN team participated on:

a) marking and census of red-legged partridge populations on two study areas in the centre of Portugal;

b) radio-tracking and habitat selection studies;

c) study of the feeding ecology (diet and  availability of food resources);

d) monitoring the species re-stoking programmes.