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CEABN TEAMCarla Santos, Francisco Castro Rego (Coordenação), Israel Silva, Maria da Conceição Colaço, Marina Pité, Ricardo Silva, Rui Guerreiro e Susana Dias.

OTHER INSTITUTIONS: Erena - Ordenamento e Gestão de Recursos Naturais e ANPC-Associação Nacional de Proprietários e Produtores de Caça.

This projects aimed to demonstrate the potential benefits from game and biodiversity resulting from the use of game crops as a management option.

Different types of game crops were implemented on a typical area dominated by "montado" near Coruche.

Those areas were monitored and the implications for promotion of diversity of birds, insects and small game species were presented to target end-users.

The specific objectives were:

a) assess the effect of game crop in promoting small game species (wild rabbit, Orictolagus cuniculus and red-legged-partridge Alectoris rufa), bird, spider and carabid diversity;

b) develop and promote demonstration actions that show the importance of game crops  as a simple but efficient instrument for the improvement of game fauna, and of incomes by multiple use of the "montado" agro-forestry system.

Documents available for download: