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COORDINATION:   Miguel Nuno Bugalho (Principal Investigator), CEABN – Centre of Applied Ecology “Prof. Baeta Neves”

CEABN TEAM:    Xavier Lecomte, Teresa Mexia, Filipe Xavier Catry, Tara Canelo Hernández, Inês Catry

CEF TEAM: Maria da Conceição Caldeira (co-Principal Investigator), Margarida Tomé, Manuela Branco

The CERTFOR project aims to study the effects of certified forest management on the conservation of cork oak woodlands. Specifically this project aims to compare, at local and landscape scales, biodiversity and cork oak stand characteristics in forest certified and non-certified areas. The project aims to assess differences in species composition, structure and biomass of plant communities, as well as in oak regeneration, between certified and non-certified cork oak stands.  It also tests for differences in bird diversity and incidence of pest and diseases between certified and non-certified stands. Results will contribute to assess the effectiveness of forest certification in promoting the conservation and ecological sustainability of cork oak woodlands.